It is going to be okay. With our team on your side, we will ensure that you are treated with respect and get everything you deserve.

You aren’t crazy. Divorce is.

Divorce changes the course of your life. But you can emerge stronger when you have the support you need. Get your questions answered, plan for what’s ahead, and learn from what others have already done. The truth is you have more control over this than you think you do right now. Our job is to harness your control and deliver the results you want.


Every case and every client is different. You wouldn’t want it any other way. We make sure we approach it with your needs in mind. With our team, there is never “this is just how it is done.” We make sure we carefully craft a solution to your unique needs so your case fits your requirements.

Leave First? Don’t Without Reading This!

Knowing before you go is important for anyone leaving the marital home. Sometimes decisions feel right, but will hurt your case, so we wrote this guide.

Get The Stay At Home Mom’s Guide

We understand the concerns a stay at home Mom has when contemplating ending a marriage, so we wrote this guidebook to answer your questions.


Our dedicated attorneys have practiced family and divorce law for decades. They have offices throughout the state of Connecticut, so they can meet with you at your convenience. Rest assured – we will find the right attorney for your specific divorce situation.

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