In divorce, there is something called a “return date”. Many of my clients have questions about what this date is and what has to happen by the return date. I will discuss this in more detail on this page.

What is the Return Date?

The return date is something that I get asked about a lot when a client hires me to represent them in a divorce. Many of my clients want to know if something is due on this date. The answer is no. The return date is a Tuesday that the lawyers in a divorce pick. Nothing has to happen in terms of going to court or anything like that. It is a Tuesday that you pick in the future by which you have to have the divorce lawsuit served on the other party and then returned to court. 

Twelve days before the return date, you have to have the divorce served and then six days prior to the return date you have to have all the documents uploaded. Then from the return date is when you measure the time by which the person has to file an appearance. Then the case management date will also be set for some time in the future, typically 90 days after that is set by the judicial branch. 

So, you don’t have to show up, you don’t have to return anything to court. It’s just a date, a deadline that’s set that. It is a date that the lawyer chooses a few weeks in the future by which you have to get the party served and have the documents returned to the court to initiate the divorce action. 

Help With Your Divorce

If you still have questions about the return date, or want to pick a return date, contact my office. We can discuss your situation and what needs to happen for you to file for divorce. We can also set a return date if you choose to hire our firm. Contact us with any additional questions – we are happy to answer them!